Each day of our lives we are presented with a great gift. In the instant it is received we determine how it will be used. Will we keep it close and enjoy all of its rewards for ourselves? Will we set it high on a shelf far from harm and use it when the time is most opportune? Or, will we take this gift and share it with our little piece of the world, allowing many to enjoy its benefits? This gift is opportunity.

Every day is filled with the opportunity to do so many things. This can be the opportunity to throw open the windows on a brisk fall day and curl up on the couch with a good book. A day for ourselves, filled with quiet and peace. This opportunity can be used to focus on our job. We can work hard, achieve great things, and realize financial reward. Our family can be the benefactor of our opportunity. We can take the day and spend it laughing with our children, visiting with our parents, or being the World’s Best Aunt or Uncle. This opportunity can also be used for serving others. Taking time away from our desires and seeing to other’s needs is true sacrifice and a tremendous use of opportunity. This isn’t always presented in big ways. It doesn’t have to be giving large sums of money to the poor or donating your entire weekend at a food kitchen. It can be a phone call to someone who is sick, visiting a shut-in, watching a single mother’s young children to give her a moment of peace, or simply letting someone out in traffic.

Life is filled with opportunity and it doesn’t have to all be spent in one place, for its currency is always available. As soon as you spend opportunity, there’s more in your hand. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! Here are 5 ways we can make the most of the opportunity dollars we have to spend each day?

  1. Take early morning opportunity to meditate with God. Mediate on His will for you this new day.
  2. Take the opportunity to show your family you love them. Don’t just say it, show it!
  3. Take the opportunity to serve others. This can simply be a kind word to the over-worked barista or holding an elevator door even though you are late for a meeting.
  4. Take the opportunity to make a difference.  Stand up for what’s right, be principled, ethical, and sincere.
  5. Take the opportunity to care for yourself. Exercise, eat right, and decompress. This will refresh your body and spirit and help you to take greater advantage of tomorrow’s opportunity.

So, empty your wallet of opportunity everyday. And don’t spend it all on yourself, share your opportunity with all. And remember, tomorrow is filled with new opportunity.

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