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1213 FAQ’s

Thank you for your interest in the work of 1213. Please browse the choices below, which may answer your question immediately. If you have more questions, send an email to info@1213online.org.

1. What is 1213?

1213 is a non-profit organization founded in 2010. Our purpose is to support our nationwide network of Christian volunteers working with the needy in their communities. Our name takes its inspiration from Romans 12:13 and is pronounced “twelve thirteen.”

2. How does you work differ from that of a local church?

Our mission is not to replace nor supplement the work of the local church, but instead to provide assistance to servants who may not have resources to aid people in need. 1213 has a network of volunteers across the country and around the world who are embedded in their local communities and ready to serve when needs arise. Funding of 1213 comes from individuals and no contributions are accepted from churches.

3. Aren’t there groups that are already providing this service?

Yes, there are groups of devoted Christians who already come to the aid of their brethren. They do a mighty work for the Lord and God has been glorified. We don’t intend to replace those works and will support them in any way we can. We hope that our volunteer network will allow us to reach deep into the Christian community and serve Christians whose needs may go otherwise unnoticed. We will serve in times of deep distress like tornados, hurricanes, flooding, etc., but also in isolated situations like house fires, hospitalization, job loss, and single moms. Our mission is to relieve immediate physical needs so long-term spiritual needs can be fulfilled.

4. Why are you doing this?

We are richly blessed in our country and many of us rarely encounter underprivileged Christians.  While the local church is often able to meet the needs of its members, there are times, especially in rural areas of the country or in large disasters, when the church is unable to provide monetary assistance. These are the times when 1213 is available to help.

5. How do you help?

We are a non-profit relief organization whose strength comes from developing new and engaging relationships with volunteers and donors across the country. 1213 volunteers will respond immediately to pressing needs, allowing servants an opportunity to impact the lives of people in need. The mission is to relieve immediate physical needs so long-term spiritual needs can be fulfilled and providing aide to the servants who have immersed themselves in the lives of people; this will not provide salvation, but it will enhance the sincere relationship. Our effectiveness rests in the nationwide network of volunteers who can mobilize when sickness, disaster, or tragedy strikes the lives of God’s children. The volunteers are empowered to aid the Christian community and potential new Christians through financial assistance, professional guidance, and spiritual teachings.

6. How do I apply for assistance.

1213 provides financial support based on the recommendation of our volunteers. This personal relationship ensures both physical and spiritual needs are met. To be connected with a volunteer in your area email us at info@1213online.org.

7. How can I get involved?

If you are interested in volunteering as a local coordinator, in our professional network, or simply to be available to help serve, send an email to: volunteer@1213online.org. You can also visit our Volunteer Page for more information.

8. Are my donations to 1213 tax-deductible?

Yes, 1213 is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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