When you hear about a virus, or something going viral, your first thought is probably computer related. You mind gravitates to updating your anti-virus software or checking Facebook for the latest “Charlie Bit My Finger” video.

It’s the age we live in, where these “infections” are spread digitally, computer to computer. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, and email allow these germs to be shared in ways unlike any other time in history.

This idea comes from the comparison of a viral infection getting spread. It originates with a person and then it is shared, with let’s say 10 people. Those 10 people then expose 10 people each and the transmission continues.

One person can end up making hundreds if not thousands of people sick, just by exposing a few to their germs. It can quickly become an epidemic.

In order to minimize the risks of the spread of the disease there are several steps medical experts advise adhesion to:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Disinfect
  3. Quarantine the sick
  4. Get plenty of rest

What if this viral effect was used to do intentional good? Much good can be realized in our digital age, but we need to step away from our computers and get reacquainted with personal communication. Let’s take what we know about spreading illness and do just the opposite in order to spread God’s message and serve mankind.

  1. Get Your Hands Dirty. Dirty hands are evidence of hard work. Look at the hands and fingernails of a mechanic. You can see the evidence of a hard days labor. If that mechanic isn’t careful, that evidence will spread to everything they touch. The same can be said for you, if you are laboring in the vineyard of the Lord, His word will be spread through everyone you touch. Eccles. 9:10
  2. Infect. Strive to infect as many as you can. No one needs you to share your virus, but they need you to share God’s love for them. Infect them with the medicine of the Great Physician which will cure them of the most deadly disease. 2 Tim. 4:2
  3. Get Out Among People. You avoid the spread of germs by staying out of close contact with people. The opposite is true regarding spreading good. Service to others, physical and spiritual, is done through close contact. Get close to people and use your gifts and God’s word to change their lives. Touch as many people as you can. Matt. 9:37-38
  4. Never Rest. Never take tomorrow for granted. There will come a time when you will rest from your labors. While you are able, work hard. The night will be here before you know it and the time for work will be over. John 9:4

Spread the virus that is salvation. This is the kind of pandemic the world truly needs.

How do you share your spiritual germs?

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  1. Dwight Greer says:

    This is truly awesomeness, seeing that so many churches have gotten away from taking the word out. I will keep this to use to glorify God and the advancement of the kingdom. Thanks you dearly Rev. Dwight Greer.

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