If I offered you a plump, juicy, worm, would you take it?

Before you say, “That’s gross!” Think about it. It’s fresh from the ground. It’s covered in a thin layer of slime that will let it easily slide down your throat. The worm will wiggle its way to your stomach leading to great contentment and satisfaction.

If you let this chance pass you by, it will never return. If you don’t take it, someone else probably will. They will enjoy all of its benefits and you will miss out. Worse yet, it may be ignored completely and shrivel under the heat of the sun. It’s carcass will remain on the sidewalk as a constant reminder of your missed opportunity. Remember, “The early bird gets the worm!”

Were you a hungry bird, that fat, succulent worm would have been too good to resist. It would satisfy your emptiness and propel you to the next delicacy.

Had you arrived to that same spot a short time later, there’s a good chance your meal would have been scooped up by another bird or you would behold a spoiled breakfast, dried on the pavement.

Earthworms abound outside of my house in the early morning. They seem to revel in the coolness of the night to the last minute and are left scrambling for cover as the sun rises.

Many of these worms don’t make it to their destinations. They are gobbled down by predators or trapped too far from home and cook under the blazing sun, littering the ground with missed opportunity.

As I see these worms every morning, I think of the birds that are lazy or misguided and are missing out on the feast laid out before them. The dried up worms from the day before make me think of meals that will never be eaten, chances that will never return. I’m reminded of the missed opportunities in my life.

How many missed opportunities for service (worms) are there in your life?
Here are 3 Ways to Feast on Worms Daily.

1. Be an Early Bird. Don’t miss out on opportunity because you arrive late. Get to bed early and get up early. Our society is plagued by tardiness. No matter where you go, church, the movies, work… parking lots are filled with people rushing in at the last minute. Opportunists arrive early and get the first crack at chances. How can you know of someone’s need if you don’t make time to talk with people and get involved in their lives? If you are late, you may miss the opportunity.

2. Be Prepared. I know I’ve missed so many opportunities to help others because I simply wasn’t prepared. Plan ahead, so you can react to whatever situation arises. Carry cash so you can help when there is a need. Prepare yourself emotionally so you can be a shoulder to cry on. Know God’s message so you can share it faithfully.

3. Stay hungry. Don’t become filled and satisfied. Hunger and thirst for the opportunity to serve. This desire will lead you to more opportunity and God will be glorified.

So, get out there and feast on those worms. Don’t leave them to someone else and make sure no one’s need is left to wither and die.

How do you avoid missing opportunities?

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