German author Jean Paul Richter said, “Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good; try to use ordinary situations.”

This past year some extraordinary circumstances have occurred. Devastating tornados have ravaged the south and mid-west and a ferocious earthquake and tsunami tore apart the fabric of Japan. We watched and read in agony as these people faced lives they never envisioned in their worst nightmares. Generous Americans donated over $64 million dollars for the Japan relief effort in the 5 days following the tragedy. Millions more was raised to assist the victims of the tornadoes. Extraordinary generosity for extraordinary circumstances. It’s easy to support relief for situations we watch unfold before our eyes. We can tune it to replays of the tsunami on the internet to this day. We can see pictures of the devastation  left in the wake of the F5 storm and be compelled to donate. But, what about during ordinary circumstances.

High unemployment has become “ordinary.” Plummeting real estate prices have become “ordinary.” Sky-rocketing medical costs, house-fires, car accidents, and debilitating illnesses have become “ordinary.” We don’t have to wait for a tragedy to have a cause to support. There are plenty of people in your community who need assistance every day. People who’s lives you can touch. Strangers that can become friends. Don’t wait for an extraordinary situation to do extraordinary things. Go and serve. Change people’s lives and change your world!

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