We all have big dreams. There are so many important things we want to accomplish.

What’s your success rate? Have you ever thought about why we so often stall on the road to greatness?

If you are taking a road trip, what’s the first thing you do? You make plans. Without them, you would get lost, run out of fuel, and return home with miserable memories.

Too often our conquests are marred by the same lack of readiness. We have good intentions and a heart that is desirous of reaching the mountaintop, but our head fails to pack for the journey. We end up wandering with no strength, vision, direction, or foundation.

Just like that road trip, any quest for accomplishment begins with preparation. Here are
4 C.O.G.S. That Turn the Wheels of Success

1. Confidence. Approach each new endeavor with aplomb. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. This isn’t arrogance it’s assurance. Too often we look at something we’d like to do and say to ourselves, “I can’t.” When you utter those words you have set your fate. You won’t reach your desired destination. You will never achieve great things until you believe you can.

2. Opportunity. Look for it, it’s out there. It may be hidden, but eventually it will appear and if you aren’t ready to react you will miss out. You may wish to serve in a more profound way, but perceive no current opportunities. Before long, however, the moment will present itself and if you aren’t searching and preparing you will miss it and that occasion may never return. Someone who is in need may be overlooked. Maybe it’s the overwhelmed mother in church or the neighbor unloading heavy furniture from his truck. If we aren’t looking for opportunities, they will disappear before our eyes.

3. Goals. Write down what you want to accomplish. Plan each step. Visualize the final product and strategize how to get there. Just about every success plan emphasizes making goals and writing them down, because it works! This is a subconscious commitment. Once something is written, we can see clearer and begin to taste success. Start with reasonable milestones and increase your expectations with each finish line you cross.

4. Support. Surround yourself with encouragement and like-minded people. No man is an island. We all need help to reach our greatest potential. Develop relationships with people who have talents you don’t. Make friends with cheerleaders, encouragers who inspire you to reach your potential. Avoid negative people. Their myopia drags you down and keeps you from victory.

Remember, you have gifts like no one else. You can uniquely touch people’s lives and do great things. Prepare for the adventure and change the world one person at a time! 

How do you prepare for success?

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