I’m very cautious when it comes to my electronic files. Having a hard drive crash will make you that way. I meticulously backup my files to ensure I am protected in case of a computer nightmare. 

I rely on my primary hard drive for accessing and saving my daily work. I trust that it will operate properly, but not completely, that’s why I have a backup.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had a failure, but those were catastrophic times. I didn’t always have backups to save the day.

My backup is just that, a place to go in case of emergency. My first resort is my primary drive, if that fails, I access my back-up and life is rosy again. I’ve got a backup plan in place.

Is God your backup plan? Do you turn to Him only in case of emergency?

Too many of us rely on ourselves or other people rather than on God as a first line of defense in this world. We may not even consider God until things become dire and we need a backup to restore order to the lives we have crashed.

We turn to doctors to repair our broken bodies, counselors to mend our battered marriages, and self-help books to save our bankrupt spirits. Then, if these things don’t work, we turn to God.

That, my friends, makes God our back-up. If we can’t fix our problem or if we can’t find someone else who can, then we turn to God. We make Him the “In Case of Emergency” alarm on the wall. When our problems become too big, we pull the alarm hoping to have Him rush in to our rescue.

Don’t get me wrong, medical science can do wondrous things, counselors can provide great advice, and the experience of man is a great resource, but none of them trump God.

God should be our primary source for restoration, repair, and salvation. Long before and long after man and his solutions is God. As Genesis 1:1 tells us, “In the beginning, God…”

Bring this powerful statement into your life each day and gain reassurance in the existence and power of God as your first option. Dwell on these things:

1. In the Past, God… Meditate on what God has done. Look at how He has gotten you through the times your life has crashed.

2. In the Present, God… Consider what God is actively doing in your life now. The new day He has granted and the air with which your lungs continually swell.

3. In the future, God… Put tomorrow in God’s hands. Worry only begats more worry. The sooner we learn to trust God and His plan for our lives, our primary hard drive, the better off we will be.

Never relegate God to the roll of back-up in your life. Keep Him in the foreground and the troubles of life will fade into the background. They will become unimportant when compared to His power and love.

Let go and let God.

Fill in the blank, In 2012, God _____________.

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