There is no freedom in life. As much as the patriots of our great land may deny it, life is about servitude. We are bound as slaves in our mortal coils. We have no choice.

Man’s inclination is certainly not to be anyone’s servant. Much blood has been shed for independence and liberty. Brother has killed brother over the very concept of slavery and its consequences. But God makes it clear that our time on His great blue marble is captivity.

We are each obligated to bondage, but the good news is, we can choose our master. We can select who we are bound to and who we serve. We are not forced into the relationship.

In fact we have been purchased by our true Master. A great price has been paid, but many run away from Him to serve another that makes empty promises of freedom, rights, and tolerance.

Our true Master has one simple promise, life everlasting. The other, a great liar, promises a temporary life of fulfillment, pleasure, and satisfaction, but his reward for your service is eternal death: permanent separation from your true Master and from His promises of eternity with Him.

Our true Master expects hard work, dedication, and our undying commitment. He is honest and tells us how difficult the work will be. The other promises a life of ease and riches. Not only can he not deliver what he promises, his service results in great dissatisfaction, depression, and misery.

Everyday we have the choice of who we will serve. No one binds us in chains and forces us to bow the knee in front of them, but our decision can bind us. It is our choice who we kneel before, but you better believe we submit to one or the other.

We either yield to the will of our true Master or abandon Him and run to the other. We bow before him as he promises all our heart desires. The wiles in his armory can even trick us into thinking we are serving the true Master by corrupting His message.

Like an evil advisor we listen to him telling us what God expects, wants, or offers, rather than going to the Source and finding out what He desires, deserves, and promises… all clever manipulation.

Our loyalty will be seen in our actions. Or service to our true Master will result in serving others. We will live to serve. Ministry to the other will result in living only to ourselves.

Jesus makes it clear there is no middle ground. “No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

You must choose this day whom you will serve. Who will it be?

How do you find joy in your service to your true Master?

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2 Responses to There is No Freedom, We are All Slaves

  1. How do I find joy in my service to the Master? Hmmm… God often presents us with paradoxes (i.e., if we would seek life, we must first lose it). Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” When I stop seeking joy, that’s when God gives it to me. It is a fruit the Spirit bears in me (Gal. 5:22).

    It’s like the feeling you get after a hard day’s work. You find great satisfaction. The work was hard, and you may not have enjoyed it all. But there is a real feeling of pleasure as you look at your mowed lawn, clean kitchen, or finished report.

    The joy is greater when I give to the Lord and our brethren. It’s not so easy to write a get-well card, visit a friend with cancer, keep a young couple’s kids for an evening, etc. It’s not easy to study God’s word, take the time to meditate and pray, and gather with Christians for encouragement and worship. But when it is done (and in the good work itself), there is the joy!

    Thanks for making me think this morning.

  2. Rob West says:

    Thanks, Nathan. I agree, there is no greater joy than serving God and His creation despite how hard it can be at times.

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