Today is a day of celebration in my family. My youngest has completed the first decade of his life. He’s 10 years old. I can’t believe it!

He never really should have been born. My wife’s pregnancy with our second child was filled with complications. Our son had become RH sensitized in the womb and her body was fighting him off like an infection. Her doctor decided to remove him from that dangerous environment 4 weeks early. He ended up in the hospital for 9 days and needed half of his young blood transfused. Even though he was born at the most acclaimed children’s hospital in the southeast, they had never treated an infant with his condition!

Along with the doctors, we decided it was best to keep our offspring to 2. This would limit the risks to the health of my wife and another child. But, God had other plans for our lives and 18 months later our youngest arrived. He was very sick and spent 11 days in neo-natal intensive care. When we brought him home all he did was sleep, wrapped in a tight bundle, and barely ate at all. At times we were unsure of his future.

Fast forward 10 years to today, where we celebrate his life and all that he means to us. When I think about what our lives would have been without him, I’m filled with a sense of emptiness, for he filled a void in our lives we didn’t even know existed. So, today we celebrate this grand occasion.

Special days in our lives are always cause for celebration. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, job promotions, retirement, and countless other events bring joy to our lives. But, what about the days on the calendar that aren’t marked in red, that don’t have a significant milestone scribbled across the page? Do we take time to celebrate those days as well? After all, we are living through some pretty rough times. A visit to our favorite website, television station, or even Facebook reminds us of the turmoil that fills our country and the world. Some of the news is so devastating we may even find it difficult to celebrate on those significant days because our hearts are heavy with worry.

But, I say there is cause for celebration in each new day! All we need to do is pause and take time to see the delight of the day. Here are 5 things we can celebrate with each new rising of the sun.

1. Celebrate God. There is no one in your life that loves you as much as He does. Is there any greater reason for jubilation?

2. Celebrate life. Even if it has just handed you a bowl full of lemons, each day of life is a priceless treasure. Use it to give others cause to make merry.

3. Celebrate family. Even if they drive you crazy, your family is your heritage and without them, you wouldn’t exist! Take time to recognize their significance in your life.

4. Celebrate friends. Sometimes our friends are even closer than family. They build us up and keep us grounded. Rejoice over the blessings of friendship.

5. Celebrate beauty. Whether it’s in the eyes of a child or the stars in the heavens, we are surrounded by beauty . Laud the artistry of God’s creation with each waking moment.

Take this short list and add to it. Make each new day better by filling it with celebration!

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