Do you ever accept the unacceptable? Have you ever shown approval by failing to show disapproval? Can we stand up for what’s right and fail to stand against what’s wrong?

I made a very poor decision recently and allowed my family to watch a movie they had no business watching. I assumed it would be okay since it was on a network that has the word “Family” in its name. I was wrong.

This movie contained language and situations that were inappropriate. I allowed the movie to continue assuming the worst had already happened, but it had not. With each offensive occurrence, I was telling my family that I accepted the unacceptable.

In a society carpet-bombed by wickedness, it’s hard to avoid the fallout. Every where you go, every song you hear, every movie you see is filled with the Devil’s brainwashing. It seems it can’t be avoided… so we can begin to tolerate the least offensive words and images. If it’s mild innuendo or concealed sexuality, it’s okay.

What is this teaching our children and what is this telling God? That we approve of little sins, but we will stand our ground with big ones? We have become guilty by association.

The law even recognizes this. If I am with someone when they rob a bank and I don’t try to prevent them from committing the crime, I am an accessory, I become guilty. When we stand by and allow worldliness to creep into our lives and the lives of our children, we are accessories, we are guilty.

We allow our young girls to dress provocatively, because it’s the current fashion. We allow our young boys to listen to vulgar music, because it’s what’s popular. We attend profanity-laden movies, because they are Academy Award winners.

We decry the fact that our country has grown into a Godless nation, but allow the weeds of wickedness to bury their roots in our own hearts. How long can this go on?

Is society the judge or is God? Does man determine right and wrong or does God? Are we truly sanctified when we refuse to set ourselves apart from worldliness and evil?

We can’t dip our foot into the pool and not get wet. At first it may be cold. We may shudder at its effects, but soon we become comfortable and before you know it we have both feet in. Then, without warning, we are in over our heads and begin to drown.

We are not without hope. God has provided a life preserver to rescue us. We simply need to follow His instruction, “Abstain from every form of evil.” Allow God to determine what is evil, not society. Use His standard to measure acceptance, not man’s.

Don’t limit this principal to things you should avoid. Apply it to things you should actively pursue as well. For every evil the world wants you to accept, there is good it wants you to reject.

Fill your heart with good things and there will be no room for the bad. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you…” 

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4 Responses to Accepting the Unacceptable

  1. ralph ruggiero says:

    Good article, true to life.

  2. David says:

    Good thoughts Rob,

    I need this reminder constantly. We need to raise the awareness and set the standard higher for ourselves in the defense of our faith and in sharing the good news.


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