A leaky heart valve can be a serious medical condition. In most cases, there are no symptoms or problems. However, if the leaky valve interferes too much with normal blood flow, congestive heart failure can occur.

3 Remedies For A Leaky Heart Valve
The 4 valves of the heart control the flow of blood as it moves through the chambers of the heart. Since the heart is the distribution system of this vital substance to all parts of the body, it is essential that it is kept operating properly.

Like our physical heart valves, our emotional “heart valves” regulate the flow of our affections. If these valves begin to leak, the vital flow of compassion, service, patience, and joy are interrupted. Not only is our emotional heart damaged, those that are fed by this fundamental flow suffer as well.

Our heart valve leaks when we fail to channel our time, talent, and resources to where they are needed most, others. We may “leak” a dribble of ourselves to those that need us, but it isn’t enough to do them any good.

While this is occurring the health of our emotional heart suffers. It’s working overtime to serve one purpose, gratifying ourselves. This may seem rewarding, but this neglect actually engorges the heart so that it demands more and more.

We end up completely unhealthy. Our heart is swollen with our excesses while our other vital organs, humanity, suffer from the anemic concern they are given.

This condition demands immediate treatment. Similar to the way the medical condition is approached, the leak needs to be plugged and the flow of blood needs to be channeled in the right direction.

We can easily diagnose a leaky valve by simply listening to the sounds of our hearts. Place a stethoscope to your heart and listen carefully. If your conversation and time is dominated by your wants and desires, you’ve got a leaky valve.

The repair of the physical aortic regurgitation will result in improved physical health. Similarly, restoring our emotional hearts will advance our spiritual health.

Here are 3 Remedies for A Leaky Heart Valve:

  1. Medicine. The heart can be renewed by filling it with the restorative power of God’s word. When we meditate on the selfless love of our Lord and Savior our hearts can be healed. Open your heart and allow the restorative power of this drug to flow through it.
  2. Repair. Through diligent prayer and constant effort we can repair the leak in our heart. This is an invasive procedure which demands deep soul searching. For this remedy to be effective, you must be willing to alter your behavior and be prepared to reexamine its health daily.
  3. Replacement. This is the most extreme treatment, but may be necessary. Your heart valve may have become so unhealthy that it needs replacement.  You just might need to tear yourself down so you can be built up again. Similar to the life of Jesus, his journey wasn’t completed until his physical life was destroyed and then begun anew.

When your heart is functioning properly it can effectively serve others far better than yourself. Monitor it daily to make sure there are no leaky valves.

How do you keep your heart healthy?

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